Repairs and Diagnostics

Noises coming from your Engine? Something not right with your vehicle? We can have a look at your problem with you, if repairs are needed, then we are happy to give a full quote before we start work.
We repair or replace all major car components that include:

If your hearing noises when changing gears, or something doesn’t feel right, our technicians will give a comprehensive check of your clutch system to put mind at ease.

The Cambelt is one of the most crucial components of your engine, with most manufacturers recommending periodic changes ranging from 36,000 mile or 4 years whichever comes sooner up to 100,000 miles or 10 years. If you’re unsure whether it’s time for a replacement , book an appointment with us today. Based on the age and mileage of your vehicle, we can quickly assess if your vehicle needs a replacement.

Rattling Noises, Failed emissions checks may reveal problems with all or part of your exhaust system. We can give a review of this system to see what parts might need replacing.

Car not sitting right? Does your ride feel firm or have you noises coming from the suspension.
It is important to service the suspension when required as it improves safety and prolong the life of your car.

Your tyres are the only point of contact with the road. You can there for appreciate that it is vitally important to have the correct sizes and type of tyre for your vehicle.
We stock a good range of tyres competitively priced. Balancing and fitting included with all Tyres. We will also dispose of your old tyres.
Wheels that are not balanced or are out of balance generally produce a vibration that can be uncomfortable to drive and results in premature wearing of suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres.

Wheel alignment or Tracking is the process of ensuring your vehicles wheels are set to the optimum position as per the manufacturers recommendations so that the tyres will wear evenly. Hitting Kerbs or Potholes in the road can cause incorrect wheel alignment.
We use modern laser alignment equipment to allow us to align all 4 wheels at the same time.

Keep your car cool in the summer and de-misted in the winter with an efficiently operating car air-conditioning system. Our extensive conditioning service includes a refrigeration recharge and replacement lubricating oil, plus a comprehensive system components check looking for any leaks.

Diagnostic procedures are a form of repair that is carried out to your vehicle involving any of the on board vehicle computer systems. This can range from Engine Management, Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Electronic Park Brake (EPB), Traction Control and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) faults, Air-bags and Supplementary Restraining Systems(SRS), Alarm immobiliser, Heater and Air-conditioning control and even Battery charging control.
We use state of the art diagnostic test equipment, that allows us to find fault codes and make sense of the necessary repairs that may be needed for most make and models
More often of not these problems with these systems is caused by a wiring or sensor fault.